ABC and XYC of Bee Culture

The ABC and XYC of Bee Culture is a classic, and it’s one of my favorite beekeeping books.

It’s been around since 1877, when A.I. Root released the first edition. It’s been updated regularly through the years, with the most recent edition released in 2007.

As the title implies, the topics of this book are arranged in encyclopedic form, A to Z, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

It’s a valuable reference for any beekeeper, but it’s much more than just a dry tome about beekeeping.

Because the charm of the book is that much of the original material remains intact. And information has been added as beekeeping knowledge has expanded over the years, so that the book presents a history of how beekeeping has evolved over the past 100+ years.

So while the ABC and XYC of Bee Culture is a good stand-alone reference book, it’s also an enjoyable read – all 900 plus pages of it. My edition is fairly old, and I’ve read it through cover-to-cover several times over the years.

Though some of the material in this book isn’t as pertinent as it once was, this is a beekeeping book I wouldn’t be without.

The ABC and XYC of Bee Culture is available online at

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