Abandoned hive in wall

I was taking a shed wall down to put insulation in the wall and found six foot long honey combs. Didn't see any live bees. Is it OK to move the combs and get the honey?



Yes, removing the honey combs will be OK. I think it's safe to say that the colony has died out. If there was any life left in that colony, I'm quite confident they would have made their presence known as you were tearing down the wall. :)

I would recommend, in fact, that you remove all traces of the hive. Remove every bit of comb, and discard what you don't want. Combs left in the wall will eventually mold and decay, and will attract pests.

Traces of the expired colony left in the wall may also attract a new colony if there's a space large enough to allow entry. And though we need all the bee colonies we can get, the walls of buildings are bad places for bees to live. It's bad for people, and it's ultimately bad for the bees.

Enjoy that honey!

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