Fully Assembled Beekeeping Garden Hive Starter Kit

This fully assembled beekeeping garden hive starter kit offers an easy way to get started, but with a more aesthetic look than a standard hive. Each component of the hive comes fully assembled, but you'll need to add a coat or two of paint (on the outside only).

And along with the beehive you get all the equipment you'll need to start your first hive of bees - smoker, hive tool, feeder, gloves, veil - even a guide book.

This kit provides everything you'll need to get started except for the bees.

Be aware that the eye-pleasing aesthetics of the garden-style hive add a bit of expense that's unnecessary from the bees' point of view. They don't need the pretty sloped landing board, or the copper-clad pitched roof.

But if you like the look of this hive design, the extra cost might be money well-spent to you!

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