bees in house eave

I live in South Carolina, on Hilton head Island and completed my house in July of 2014. I have just notices bees swarming on 4/28, and today I see some bees around that area. What do I need to do to get rid of them? Is the colony well established at this point? Is there a simple fix or is necessary to capture the queen and relocate the colony.

I would guess I know what your answer will be but need your opinion.



Hi Ed,

I can't say how well established the colony is, because there are two possibilities:

1) A swarm just moved into the eave.
2) A colony has been there since last summer, and the activity you noticed was that colony throwing a swarm.

I'm afraid there is no simple fix. You'll likely need the services of a professional to resolve the problem (a beekeeper or pest control professional).

Homeowners in this situation sometimes just kill the bees, hoping that that will resolve the problem. But the comb, honey and brood that remains inside the structure can be the source of major problems. So whether the colony can be saved - sometimes it can, sometimes it can't - all of the comb must be removed.

There's a chance that if it's a brand new swarm that just moved in, a beekeeper may be able to use a trap to remove all the bees without tearing into the structure. And there may not be enough comb built yet to require removing it.

But the chances of that diminish as time goes by, so urgent action is recommended.

Good luck; I hope all turns out well!

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