Bees in trees

by David Minick
(Jackson Mi VCL)

I live in a woods where there are many den trees. We used to have many wood ducks nesting in these dens but now most are full of bees. I don't want to bother the bees at all but I just put up two duck houses. Is there any way of discouraging the bees from taking over these dens?


Hi David,

Glad to hear your woods are full of bees. That's a good thing! But I understand it can also be a nuisance at times.

Unfortunately, though, I don't have any personal experience with repelling honey bee swarms. I've always been more concerned with catching swarms for starting new colonies. So repelling them is the opposite of what I've wanted to do.

You could seal up the entrances to the tree, and that would certainly keep bees from taking up residence in the tree since bees can't create or enlarge entrances themselves. But of course that would also discourage the use of the tree by other creatures.

Wish I could be of more help, but perhaps someone else will happen upon this and have some suggestions for you. If so, they can offer their suggestions by using the comment form below.

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Nov 08, 2011
Ducks and Bees...hmmmmm.
by: Royal Draper

That's awesome that you have some wild colonies of bees around you, but the fact that you want to leave the opening there for the ducks means that there is no way to discourage the bees from moving in. Plus I'm afraid that once bees have occupied an area they leave their scent there. And even if the bees die during the winter, bees will eventually find their way back to the same location. The only suggestion I would have is to put up more duck houses, the bees couldn't possibly fill all of them. Good Luck and have a Bee-utiful Day!

Royal Draper
Draper's Super Bee Apiaries, Inc.

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