Beeswax Pellets are Convenient and Easy

Beeswax pellets (also known as beeswax beads and beeswax pastilles) are probably the most convenient and easy form of beeswax to use.

Want to whip up some age-defying, homemade face cream? Want to keep your lips luscious with some homemade lip balm? Planning on making some exquisite-smelling homemade soap?

Then you'll probably want to buy your beeswax in the form of pellets.

Why? Because working with pellets can be considerably easier than working with chunks or bars of beeswax.

Pellets are very easy to measure in the precise portions you'll need for many applications that use beeswax. Pellets save you the trouble of ruining your cheese grater (or your knuckles!) in trying to shave small quantities from a block or bar.

And because of their uniform size, the pellets will melt more quickly and evenly.

Now if you're going to use a lot of wax, say for example, for making a bunch of candles, the pellets might not be your best choice. They'll work perfectly fine, of course, for making candles.

But since the pellets, pound for pound, tend to be a bit more expensive than bulk forms of beeswax (assuming the same brand and same quality of wax), you might want to reserve the pellet use for smaller, precisely-measured quantities.

They're so pretty, though, that you might almost hate to dump them into the melting pot!

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