Beeswax Taper Candles for Classic, Timeless Elegance

Is there a more elegant form of lighting than tall, slender, hand-dipped beeswax taper candles? I don't think so!

Not so long ago, candles were as common in each household as light bulbs are today. That's because people depended upon candles to provide much of their indoor lighting.

These days, of course, we no longer depend upon candles. We choose to use them for their beauty and elegance, and for the warm and cheery ambiance they lend to a room.

In their modern role, candles are just as valued as they've ever been.

And though there are many different styles of candles, each functionally beautiful in its own way, not many would argue that taper candles aren't the most elegant of all.

The best taper candle, in both function and form, is a hand-dipped, pure beeswax candle.

Why hand-dipped, and why beeswax?

Candles from a mold - while faster and easier to make - just can't achieve quite the same aesthetic as a hand-dipped candle. And beeswax is the best wax for candle making. Candles made of pure beeswax don't smoke or flicker, and burn with a sunny-white glow. They smell good too!

And did you know that some candle wicks contains hazardous materials such as lead? Kind of undoes the natural goodness of the beeswax.

So if you're shopping for beeswax taper candles, be sure that you choose candles with natural cotton wicks, like those below.

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