Where to Buy Raw Honey

Wondering where to buy raw honey?

You may have read about all of the marvelous health benefits of honey, and in particular, the benefits of raw honey.

And I know that people are looking for sources of raw honey that they can trust, because I’m contacted frequently by visitors to this website asking me where to buy honey. Some want to know if I sell honey (I don’t anymore, but thanks for asking!).

So where can you buy honey that you’re sure is truly unprocessed and raw?

Unfortunately, you can’t really tell for certain that you’re getting raw honey. You’ll have to have a certain degree of trust in the source that you’re buying from. There’s really no way around that.

(If you haven’t already, you might be interested in reading these tips for buying raw honey).

Buy Raw Honey From Your Local Beekeepers

Your best option is to buy raw honey from a local beekeeper, someone who lives and works in your community. Beekeepers are just people, of course; most are honest, and I’m sure there are some who are less than honest.

But most beekeepers I’ve known are decent people trying to earn some honest income from their bees, whether full-time or as sideliners. Seek out your local beekeepers, buy from them, and odds are very good that you’ll be getting what you pay for.

And you’ll also be helping out your local honey bee population by supporting your local beekeepers. Everyone wins.

Where can you find a local beekeeper?

You can often find a beekeeper or two selling at farmer’s markets. Some beekeepers will run classified ads in the local paper, too.

You can also connect with beekeepers through your local beekeeping association (you can go to Google and type in ‘yourstate beekeeper association’ to see if there’s an association close to you.)

And I’m trying to help a little by providing a directory of honey producers on this website. I’m offering beekeepers the opportunity to advertise their business for free, to make it easy for you to find the beekeepers that sell honey in your area.

Unfortunately, not a great many beekeepers have taken me up on my offer of free advertising. But some have, so that’s an easy place for you to start your search for a local beekeeper.

Where To Buy Raw Honey Online

If you can’t find a beekeeper in your area, or just prefer the convenience of shopping online, below are a few recommendations.

Understand that I’m basing my opinion of these products primarily upon customer feedback. I don’t have any intimate knowledge of these companies, and I have no connection with them. (Though if you buy some of the products listed below, I may be paid a small commission. Just want to be upfront about that.)

The products below are produced by relatively small, mostly family-owned businesses. These businesses are dedicated to producing quality products, and also to promoting the welfare of the honey bee.

  • Really Raw Honey
    Really Raw Honey contracts with multiple beekeepers in the northeastern U.S. to produce their honey. They emphasize that most of their beekeepers are family operations, and they all pack their honey with minimal processing.

    And in fact, this honey is VERY minimally processed!

    It contains chunks of beeswax (the honey comb cappings), bits of pollen, maybe a bit of propolis - and possibly even the occasional bee part.

    The chunky stuff forms sort of a crust at the top of the jar, with creamy (crystallized) honey beneath. You can eat the crusty stuff, or just scrape it away (it's perfectly healthy and nutritious to eat).

    Not my cup of tea, quite honestly. (I like my peanut butter chunky, but I prefer my honey smooth!) But lots of customers rave about this product. And most of the chunks would be on the top rather than evenly mixed through the honey.

    It’s available online at Amazon.com, and I'm sure from other online stores as well.

    I believe it’s also carried in some grocery chains, such as Whole Foods.

  • Stakich Raw Honey
    Stakich Raw Honey is extracted from the comb, lightly strained and then packed. It’s not heated and is completely raw, but doesn’t contain the chunks of beeswax (and other stuff) that some brands of raw honey contain.

    So if you prefer your honey ‘smooth’ style instead of ‘chunky,’ this might be your best choice. Stakich honey does contain small bits of bee pollen.

    Hives that gather Stakich honey are located away from farming areas, so that the honey is produced from areas of unfertilized and unsprayed wildflowers (in Michigan).

    You can order Stakich Raw Honey online from Amazon.com.

  • Y.S. Organic Bee Farms
    Want to buy raw honey that’s organic?

    All of the producers of raw honey listed on this page take pains to ensure that their honey is produced from chemical-free sources.

    But Y.S. Raw Honey is certified organic. This means that Y.S. Organic Bee Farms has demonstrated that they’ve met all of the requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture organic certification program.

    To meet those certification standards, Y.S. Farms cannot use chemicals in their hives.

    It also means that their hives must be placed beyond foraging distance from agricultural areas, golf courses, landfills – anyplace where the presence of pesticides or contaminants is likely. Hives that produce Y.S. Farms honey must also be kept isolated from genetically modified crops.

    Y.S. Organic Raw Honey is available online from Amazon.com. You might also be able to find it at your local health food store.

  • Wee Bee Honey
    Wee Bee Honey is a family-owned beekeeping operation that’s been in business for nearly 40 years. They run around 2000 hives, some in Florida, and some in the state of New York.

    Wee Bee uses no pesticides of any kind in their hives. And they state that they make certain to locate their hives beyond foraging distance from working farms. They want their bees to forage only wildflowers, avoiding the risk of gathering nectar contaminated with agricultural pesticides.

    Their honey is crystallized, so it’s solid with a creamy texture. And there might be bits of wax and pollen at the top of the jar. I’ve sampled Wee Bee’s honey myself, and can certainly give it a thumbs up for flavor!

    Wee Bee Honey is available at Amazon.com

Any Others?

Did you recently buy raw honey that you thought was really good? Why not use the form below to tell us about it?

If it’s something that can be purchased online, and not only local, I’ll bet that lots of people reading this page would like to know about it.

And if you’ve purchased any of the products above, and would like to offer a thumbs up or a thumbs down, feel free. Your opinion may help others to make a shopping decision when they’re looking to buy raw honey.

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