Can I call it an Apiary when I have only one hive?

by Andrew

Good day,

I am new at beekeeping, and I am planning to sell my honey, according to the label requirements I need a name and address. Must the address include street, too, or is just the city and state acceptable? Are P.O. Boxes acceptable?

Also, I only have two body hives, can I really call that an apiary? Can I make up my own apiary name for my labels to replace my “name”?

Sorry for all the questions. Your responses are always helpful.


Hi Andrew,

I'm happy to answer questions! But you might have me stumped on this one. I no longer sell honey; I just produce enough (when everything goes right!) for family and friends.

But when I did sell honey, my label didn't have an address. I did have a phone number on it (so that people could call to order more honey!).

If I were selling honey now, I'd just put my name or company name, city, state and phone #. I think you also have to display country of origin now ('Product of U.S.A.' or something similar). That seems like it should suffice for a side-liner selling to individuals. If you eventually sell through a retail outlet, or course, you'd have to conform to their labeling requirements.

I should clearly state that the above may not necessarily comply with current legal requirements for labeling, and I'm not recommending that that's what you should do. It's just what I would do. :)

In case you haven't already seen it, the National Honey Board has some honey labeling standards posted on their website. But I think that's targeted more toward large producers that sell through retail outlets.

And I wouldn't hesitate to use the word apiaries on the label, even with only just 1 hive. The first definition for apiaries at Merriam-Webster online is "a place where bees are kept." That works!

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you ended up with more than 1 hive in the future, anyway. And yes, I'd make up a company name for the label, rather than using my own name.

Hope this helps some, and best of luck selling your honey. And don't under price it -- it's valuable stuff!

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