Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

by Tessa
(Eastham, Ma, US)

While I don't have an opinion either way, I do wonder one thing: are there popular rebuttals to ideas, such as those proliferated by Ross Conrad, that the use of chemicals and other immunological stresses on bees may be the primary cause of CCD? I've recently been cultivating an interest in beekeeping and am writing an English Comp. paper on the subject.

Thank you!

Hi Tessa,

The latest on CCD to my knowledge is that the cause is still unknown, but the list of possible suspects continues to expand.

Chemicals are still high on the suspect list, and recently two pathogens ('insect iridescent virus' and 'nosema ceranae fungus') have been added to the suspected causes of CCD.

You may even have heard that a group of scientists recently claimed that cell phone tower emissions were the cause of CCD (nonsense, in my opinion).

My guess is that there might never be a single cause identified, but rather a proliferation of detrimental pressures, both man-made and natural.

I don't think it can be argued, though, that the growing abundance of pesticides and other chemical residues in the environment are not good for any living creatures, including honeybees (and us!).

Best of luck with your paper!

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