Cold Creamed Honey

by Wayne
(gold coast queensland australia)

I have just purchased some creamed honey from a small honey manufacturing firm that was refrigerated and told to keep refrigerated.

As I have found in the past the honey is too hard to spread and has to be left out for hours to use, why must it be kept so cold when all it does is turn you off buying the products from any manufacturer?

Surely it can not hurt to leave in a cool spot in the pantry, any advise would be appreciated so I can keep enjoying these products from any producers.


Hi Wayne,

Yep, trying to spread cold creamed honey on a slice of bread will rip the guts right out of it!

To my knowledge, there's no reason to refrigerate creamed honey as a finished product.

When the creamed honey is being made, refrigeration helps to accelerate the crystallization process. Whenever I've made creamed honey myself, I always put it in the refrigerator for several days.

But once the crystallization process is complete, I store it at room temperature. Same goes for creamed honey that I've purchased - I store it also at room temperature.

In fact, whenever I've purchased creamed honey from the grocery store, it's always been displayed on the store shelves at room temperature, and not in a refrigerated display case.

One caution, though: If creamed honey is allowed to get too warm it may partially re-liquify, and become more runny than desired. Normal room temperatures in the 70's (F) should usually be fine.

I'd recommend that you try storing your creamed honey at room temperature, and see if the consistency remains firm enough for your liking.

If so, then I know of no reason not to continue storing it at room temperature.


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