Unassembled Eight Frame Beehive Starter Kit

This is an eight-frame beehive starter kit.

Eight-frame hives are gaining in popularity because they're lighter and easier to handle than the traditional 10-frame hives.

Along with the beehive you get all the equipment you'll need to start your first hive of bees - smoker, hive tool, feeder, gloves, veil - even a guide book.

It provides you with everything you'll need except for the bees.

One note of caution about this kit: It comes with 2 medium-depth supers. That's fine - I like to use medium-depth supers exclusively - but if you have a successful first season, you'll likely need to add some room.

So while this kit will be sufficient for getting started, you'll likely need to add another super during the first season. And remember that any equipment you add will need to be 8-frame, and not 10-frame.

This bee hive kit DOES require assembly.

But assembling a bee hive is really pretty easy. If you can handle a hammer, you can build it.

(Visit my 'build a bee hive page' for detailed, illustrated instructions.)

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