Feeding honey from hive that died

by debra nielsen
(welch, mn)

My bees died this past winter, leaving all their honey still in the frames. I want to feed my new bees this honey, how do I go about doing this after I hive my new bees?


Hi Debra,

Sorry your bees died. That happens, though; it's part of beekeeping.

If the honey from the hive that died is still in the frames, and still in good shape (not infested with wax worms, hive beetles, etc.), you can simply place those frames in your new hive. That's the simplest and best way to feed the honey to the bees.

You just need to be sure that your hive didn't die out as a result of a disease. If you're NOT sure of that, I wouldn't recommend feeding that honey to your new hive.

Good luck with your new hive.

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