First hive inspection today

by Laura C.
(Florence, TX)

Your blog has been such a help!

I'm in central Texas and installed my first hive April 7. I did my first check this morning to make sure the queen was released (she was) and to refill the sugar water. I didn't look for the queen because I was a nervous wreck about doing something wrong or that I'd squish my precious queen.

But the bees all looked busy and happy. There did seem to be a number of bees stuck together between the frames, which I thought odd.

I'll check again in about a week when it's time to refill the syrup again.

Thanks for the step-by-step on setting up a hive.
Laura C.


Hi Laura,

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're off to a good start.

There's usually no need to actually lay eyes upon the queen, so you were right not to rummage through the entire hive looking for her.

On your next inspection, though, you do want to verify that she's laying eggs. You still won't need to find her, but look for eggs in the bottom of the cells. If you spot eggs, that's good enough; no need to find the queen.

And my guess would be that the bees you found clinging together between frames were involved in comb-building.

Bees that are to generate wax will gorge on honey (or the feed you've supplied) cling to each other, and just hang in festoons between the frames while their wax glands secrete beeswax. So what you saw was perfectly normal.

I hope all continues to go well!

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Apr 21, 2012
Two week inspection today
by: Laura C.

Two weeks later... I have eggs, larvae, and capped brood. So excited! Thanks for the information.

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