First year beekeeper's error

by Caroline

I insulated my hives too well the past winter, so now I have all sorts of mold, and no bees to start the year. I've read some blogs that say they should clean it up just fine, so I'll get my bees going at the end of the month when I get them. Hopefully this winter will be better. My honey turned out great this year though!


Lesson learned, Caroline! Glad you got some honey, though, and I'm glad you're going to try it again.

Bees are actually able to survive incredibly cold temperatures if they have sufficient food stores (and if they can get to them in cold weather).

It's actually more important to assure that the hive has adequate ventilation than insulation. Some beekeepers ventilate and insulate, but all hives should have ventilation for wintertime, regardless of the severity of the local climate.

You can read a bit more here about preparing a hive for winter.

Good luck with this season's beekeeping!

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