There Are Many Home Remedies for Burns, But Honey May Be the Best

Many home remedies for burns are not very effective. Some, in fact, may even do more harm than good.

But using honey as a home remedy for burns is one treatment that actually works.

So much so, in fact, that honey is being studied as a medical treatment for minor burns – and not just as a home treatment.

Honey More Effective Than Some Traditional Medical Treatments

honey is an effective burn treatment

Several studies have shown that honey applied to minor burns promoted faster healing, with less infection, and with less scarring than the traditional treatment, silver sulfadiazine.

Using honey as a burn ointment also avoids some of the negative side effects that are associated with traditional medications.

And honey-soaked dressings are easier and less painful to change, pulling easily away from the damaged tissue.

Why Honey is So Effective

It’s thought that honey is effective as a home remedy for minor burns because of its natural antibiotic properties, and possibly because of the antioxidants it contains as well.

In ways not yet fully understood, honey also seems to accelerate the healing of damaged tissue.

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