A Honibe Honey Drop Offers All the Goodness of Honey Without the Sticky and the Messy

The Honibe Honey Drop is a new twist in specialty honey.

They are individually wrapped teaspoons of honey that you can hold in your hand – no sticky, no messy. Just 100% pure dehydrated honey.

This is a great new product that offers all of the advantages of honey, with none of the disadvantages.

Honey Beats the Pants Off Of Sugar in Every Way Except One…

I’ll admit to being a bit biased, but honey is far superior to sugar.

In a head to head comparison of honey vs sugar, honey comes out way ahead of sugar.

Honey is healthier, more nutritious, and offers more sweetening power for less comparative calories.

Honey even comes out ahead of sugar on the glycemic index, meaning that your blood sugar will be more stable if you consume honey instead of sugar.

Just One Problem With Honey...

It's messy!

In terms of the muss and fuss factor, honey has never been able to compete with sugar.

After all, it’s certainly easier to spoon a bit of sugar into your coffee or tea than to reach for that sticky honey bear, pry open the sticky lid, and squirt some honey into your cup.

And then, of course, you’ve got to lick the sticky off your fingers (not that that's all bad), and put the honey bear back in its cage on its perpetually sticky spot in the cabinet.

And if there should be an accident, which would you rather clean up: a spilled container of sugar or of honey? No contest there!

If you use sugar you also have the choice of using ultra-convenient sugar cubes. A couple of plops, a quick stir, and your drink is sweetened.

No measuring, no cleaning up spilled sugar grains. Super convenient.

In spite of its health and nutritional advantages, honey has never been able to compete with the ease and convenience of using sugar.

Until now.

Honey Goes Hard…

All of those convenience advantages of using sugar that we’ve listed above? They’ve all gone away – Poof!

That’s because of the new product called a Honey Drop, made by the Honibe company.

The Honey Drop is still honey – 100% pure honey. There are no additives, no artificial flavoring, and nothing is taken away from the honey in the process of converting it into a solid, no-stick drop.

Nothing except water, that is.

Because a Honey Drop consists of nothing but dried honey, dehydrated with Honibe's proprietary process.

Honibe has developed a process of removing just the water from honey, and the dehydrated honey that remains is made into Honey Drops.

Perfectly pure, perfectly healthy honey – but a lot easier to use than liquid honey.

Eliminates the 'Icky' Factor

Each Honey Drop is one teaspoon of honey, and comes individually wrapped, ready to plop right into your tea, coffee – or mouth!

Every bit as easy to use as sugar cubes, and even easier than granulated sugar.

And for traveling or camping, you can now take honey along with no worries.

(Ever had a jar of honey leak in your suitcase or backpack? Icky!!)

Honey Has a New Edge in the Battle of the Sweeteners

For centuries, proponents of honey have argued the merits of honey over sugar, insisting that using honey as your primary sweetener is healthier and more nutritious than sugar.

And that’s always been true.

But it’s also always been true that honey has been a stickier, messier, more-difficult-to-use alternative to sugar.

Thanks to the Honibe Honey Drop, sugar has lost its one last advantage over sugar.

One More Reason to Switch From Sugar to Honey...

If you haven’t yet made the switch from sugar to honey, you now have one more reason to do so!

Honibe offers their dehydrated honey in the form of both Honey Drops and Honey Sprinkles.

They also offer Honey Drops with Lemon, made with pure, REAL lemon juice – not artificial flavoring.

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