Interested in Bees and Beekeeping?

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Good! Beekeeping can be a very rewarding hobby.

Some of the benefits are obvious: the joy of watching your bees; the thrill of harvesting your honey crop - and if you want, the opportunity to earn some extra money from the honey your bees produce.

But in keeping bees, you'll also be providing a valuable service. Since you're interested in bees, you probably know that they are important insects. But you may not realize just how vital they are.

Honey bees are responsible for providing the pollination that is necessary in the production of about a third of the foods we eat.

Think about that.

If honey bees suddenly disappeared, so would a third of the food produced worldwide.

That makes beekeepers Very Important People!

If you’re interested in becoming involved in this wonderful hobby, you can learn everything you need to get started right here.

But perhaps you just want to learn some interesting facts about bees (I promise - they are fascinating creatures!). Or maybe you want to find out more about honey, beeswax, or some of the other products provided by honey bees.

Whatever your interest in bees and beekeeping, you’ll find information here about all of these topics, and more.

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