Jellied Honey?

I have several frames of honey in which a large part of the frame is filled with what looks and behaves like honey jelly!

It is clear, not crystallized liquid, and I have never seen this before in 20 years of beekeeping. Heating the comb doesn't soften the honey at all, in fact it seems to become an even firmer jelly.

Is this due to a particular flower? We do have fields of phacellia which is new to our area. Hope you can help.


Hi John,

That's something I've never encountered before either. Sure sounds interesting, though!

I know, of course, that some varieties of honey are thicker than others. Heather honey, for example, is said to be very thick (though I couldn't say from personal experience).

But I've never experienced or heard of honey THAT thick.

And that makes me wonder whether it's honey at all. Have you tasted it? I wonder if it might be a form of honeydew? Or maybe even tree sap that hardens after being exposed to the air for a time?

Perhaps some other beekeepers that have experienced this (or that have better guesses than mine) will comment...

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