Life & death

by Chrissy

Is it possible that the epipen can fail at saving your life?


Hi Chrissy,

Thanks for your question. It's a good one, but I'm not really qualified to answer it. I'm not a doctor, just a lowly old beekeeper!

However, my guess is that it would unfortunately be possible for an Epipen to fail to save a life. I would guess that for a very unfortunate few, the allergic reaction might be so severe that the dosage delivered by the Epipen would be insufficient. Or perhaps it might be used to late too make a difference.

Again, just shear speculation on the part of a non-medical professional.

Perhaps a medical professional will happen upon this page and offer a qualified answer.

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Nov 15, 2011
by: Royal Draper


I am NOT a medical professional either but have had some experience with the Epipens. There is always a chance that the Epinephrine (the active ingredient) doesn’t work. If someone that has a known allergy to stings gets stung and is showing signs of a anaphylactic reaction they should use the Epipen as soon as possible. There is an expiration date on every Epipen and when it runs out you should replace it. Talk to your doctor to get the best information. I also recommend checking out this website for more information:

Have a Bee-utiful Day!

Royal Draper
Draper's Super Bee Apiaries, Inc.
Millerton, PA

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