mr.geoff westlake

by G.Westlake
(norwich U K)

we had a swarm of honey bees in our garden Tuesday afternoon. After a while they settled in a shrub in our garden; the sight and sound was remarkable.

I called a local bee keeper who came the next morning. He collected the major part of the swarm in a basket and left it on a sheet on the ground propped up on a brick and left it for about 4 hours by which time most of the swarm were inside, so he wrapped the sheet round the basket to take away. I was amazed when he said there were about twenty thousand bees there.

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May 10, 2014
bees dying
by: Bill Ferguson

It is a absolute disaster unfolding in Ontario. Hives are in very poor condition. The brood is spotty from the use of neonics. Hives are not available for pollination and prices are sky rocketing. $350.00 for single hives. Pollination fees at $250.00

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