Nutritional value of granulated honey vs liquid raw honey

by Gi Hime
(North Carolina)


I use a lot of granulated honey in my cooking. I also use raw honey in coffee/toast etc. Is there a chart that shows the nutritional value of powdered honey and raw? I really want to use a nutritious form of sweetener. I am trying to stay away from processed refined products and didn't know how honey that is powdered held up.
Gi Hime


Hi Gi,

Interesting question, but I'm afraid I don't have a real good answer for you. I'll do a little guessing, though.

My guess is that granulated (crystallized) honey is roughly equivalent nutritionally to liquid honey by measure. A tablespoon of granulated honey would be about the same as a tablespoon of liquid honey.

I base that guess upon the assumption that granulated honey is not substantially changed from liquid honey, as evidenced by the fact that granulated honey can be converted back to liquid by warming it. (This assumes, of course, that the granulated honey has not fermented, which sometimes happens.)

You mention powdered honey, too, and that's a different matter. Powdered honey is substantially changed from the liquid form because much of the water has been removed from it.

Additionally, powdered honey quite often has other ingredients added to it, further changing it nutritionally. For example, here's a page about powdered honey by a company that produces and sells it. They add items such as starch and lecithin.

They also state that their powdered honey is 70% honey, so perhaps you could use that percentage to make a nutritional comparison to liquid honey. Of course, that wouldn't account for the added ingredients.

Some powdered honey has also had sugar added, so I'd recommend carefully reading the ingredients of any powdered honey product you're considering purchasing.

Hope this helps a little.

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