Pooh Bear

by Colin
(Spring, Texas)

My wife has bad allergy problems and I had heard that raw local Honey can be helpful in boosting immunity to local pollens. I had been seeing a guy selling Raw Local Honey on the corner of Kuykendal and Spring Cypress (Spring Texas) for quite awhile, so on my way to the Shooting Range last Saturday, I stopped to ask him if what I had heard was true. Now I know he is selling honey, and some folks might be prone to embellish a bit to make a sale, but being the good judge of character that I am, I decided he was being truthful so I bought a 2 pound jar for $10.

In the last week, My wife has had just two servings on toast of this honey and we're as yet unsure of its helpful effects on her allergies. I, on the other hand found this Honey to be the most beautiful thing to tickle my taste buds since Chocolate Cake! Instead of snacking at night, I pour a little into a small container and dip a spoon in and eat it plain. Most nights the container gets re-filled again. There's only about a half inch left in the bottle, so I'll be seeing the Honey Guy (A.C. Bees Honey, Spring Texas) tomorrow!

I also have a new nick name... see above.


Better for you than chocolate cake, too! And I hope it ends up helping your wife a bit with her allergies. Thanks Col... er, Mr. Bear!

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