Pre-Drilled Holes

by Kelly Loudermilk

Thank you for the easy step-by-step instructions. They are wonderful.

I prefer to pre-drill all holes with a bit that is slightly smaller than the nail. A great tip I've found if you never want the small pieces of wood to split is to cut off the sharp tip of the nails. A blunt tip nail will press the wood down as it sinks instead of the sharp point pushing the wood apart potentially causing the wood to split.


I know that pre-drilling holes can help to reduce splitting, but I've never heard of blunting the nails to prevent splitting. Sure makes sense, though.

And splitting can certainly be a problem in assembling beehive kits. The wood used for these kits isn't usually top of the line (nor does it need to be). Splitting can especially be a problem in assembling frames.

Two excellent tips, Kelly. Thank you!

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