Question about bees in the house

by Misty Scallion

Every summer I had bees come and live in under our shingles on the out side of the house. A worker came and sprayed foam insulation into the walls,I pulled every thing off as much as possible but could not get the bees out. I feel there will be more coming next summer but I cannot build any thing. I am handicapped but I enjoyed watching them. Would there be any ready made(cheap)bee hives I can buy at a feed & grain store?

Thank you.


Hi Misty,

Sorry you won't be able to enjoy watching bees coming to and from your home this summer.

But in truth, it's probably for the best. It's really not a good thing to have bees establish a hive within a house. It can cause lots of problems long-term for both homeowners and bees.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any really cheap AND good way to get started in beekeeping. Costs can vary, but new beekeepers can expect to spend several hundred dollars to buy everything they need to get started. ( read more about getting started in beekeeping.)

However, if you know (or can find) a beekeeper local to your area, you might consider offering your yard as a location for keeping a hive or two. That way you'd be able to enjoy watching the bees without the expense or physical demands of starting and managing a hive.

Good luck!

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