Question: Is water reserved or strained out?

by Chris Mattix
(Portland, OR)

I just love trying experiments in the kitchen. I was looking at that old 1921 Fruit Soup recipe that uses honey. I'm interested in trying it out as a cold soup, but I've never made anything like it and I have a couple questions:

WATER: I'm wondering if the water is only used to cook the fruit at first, and then discarded, or if it is saved, and the mashed/ sieved fruit is added back into the "used" water? (Obviously, I don't want to mess up the soup on my first try and end up with soup that is too pasty or too watery!)

SIEVE: My kitchen hardware is limited; would my potato ricer would work in lieu of a sieve?

FRUIT PREP: I assume, since the fruit will be mashed through a sieve (or my ricer) after cooking, that cleaning and coring the raw fruit before chopping, is all that is needed; and that leaving the peel on the fruit is perfectly normal?

(Thanks for your help with my questions, and thank you for posting recipes. Using your recipe to make my own lip balm will likely be my next kitchen experiment after this!)


Sorry to say, but I don't have the slightest idea. I'm no cook; I just found these old public domain recipes and posted them for the interest of my website visitors.

Perhaps another visitor will know the answers to your questions and post a response here. Failing that, feel free to experiment and let us know what you learn!

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