Questions About Inner Cover

You don't explain how the Masonite should be assembled in the rails. The groove in the rails is not centered; there is a deep side and a shallow side.

The Masonite has a rough side and a smooth side. So how should the piece of Masonite be oriented inside the rails framework? Smooth side on the deep side or the shallow side? And how should this inner cover be placed on the beehive?

Should the smooth Masonite side be placed against the honey/brood frames so that it would be easier to scrape off the propolis & wax that the bees are going to deposit on it?


When you have 3 sides of the inner cover rim assembled, you simply slide the Masonite into the grove, and then put the 4th side of the rail in place.

Don't know that it really matters, but I'd put the smooth side of the Masonite facing the deep side. (If I looked at all my inner covers I'd probably find that I've done it both ways!)

The inner cover has a shallow and deep side so that it can be reversed for summer/winter use. The deep side is normally facing up during the summer, and down during the winter.

If the deep side is left facing down during summer, there will be excess space between the cover and top bars, prompting the bees to build burr comb between cover and top bars.

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