The Secret Weapon

by Joe Cairo
(Seattle, WA)

The Secret Weapon

The Secret Weapon

I'm a Conditioning and Functional Strength Coach at a Community College, just north of Seattle. I also have my own training business called BEAST Training. I run a BEASTcamp. It's basketball specific and it stands for Balance, Endurance, Agility, Strength and Toughness.

We run a style of basketball based on "The System" made famous by Paul Westhead, former NBA Champion coach with the Los Angeles Lakers, WNBA Champion coach with the Phoenix Mercury (only coach in history to win a ring in the NBA and the WNBA) and also coach of the Loyola Marymount team that was tearing it up in the late 80's.

His teams were jet propelled. They averaged 122 points per game (ppg) in 1990, still an NCAA record. They once scored 181 in a regulation game (not overtime), also still a record. They were all Greyhounds who could defend 94 feet and make you turn the ball over.

Your team has to be the best conditioned team on the floor to play this way and that's how it was for us in 2011-2012.

I am a HUGE fan of honey and have been using it for athletic purposes since I competed in track and cross country in the mid '60's. We used honey to great effect this year. While we didn't average the same ppg as that LMU back in the day, we still managed to be the 2nd highest scoring college basketball team, at ANY level, NCAA, NAIA, the nation at 103.3 ppg.

We went 19-12 for the year, made the playoffs beat our archrival TWICE, including the last game of the playoffs for 7th overall. Not bad for my first year and the first year of The System.

At every game, someone would ask about the big honey bear sitting on top of the water cooler and why were the players passing it around? Once, even a ref asked. Some games later he came up to me to ask if I was still rocking the honey.


Coach Cairo
Shoreline Community College
Shoreline, Washington


Congratulations on the great season, Coach! And mighty generous of you to divulge your secret weapon :)

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