They came from above

by Greg
(Clinton Tn)

I was in FAA and the teacher told us about bees one day, how they swarm and what to do if you see one. I was around 13 that day and on my way home there was a swarm flying over my town. I remember the teacher had told us to ring a bell and they would come down, I did not have a bell but I was at the Ritchie cream a burger place, it had a cover where you park under it and I got a rock and hit the metal post and it rang like a bell. The bees came down around 20 feet and landed on a tree limb. I went too a construction site where they were building a library and found a box remember the teacher told us the bee were full of honey when swarming and can't sting. Well I was a kid and lived in the city and taking my teacher word on this. I carried the box over to the swarm cradle the box in one arm and took my other arm and slid my hand between the swarm and the tree limb. I about dropped the box, started too my house covered with bees cars were stopping in the streets. but I got stung by one that got between my arm and the box it wasn't bad and I made it home with my bees, my dad got home and I thought he would flip but he was proud of me and went to the bee keeper supply store and came home with every thing you need to keep bee's. for a few years and and sold a lot of honey. Then one late winter I went to feed the bee's and the opening to the hive had closed. I pulled the top off and the hive was dead guess they had smoothed. Termites had got to the base and the weight of the hive closed the way out and that was the end of Greg's honey I have never seen another swarm . It made me sick all my bee's dead and the honey was covered with mold.

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