Where can I buy bees outside of U.S.

by Camal Echelhi

hi, I want to buy package bees and have them sent to Marocko. Do you know a bee supplier that sends packages to Marocko?



I didn't have an answer to your question, so I contacted an expert.

According to Laura Weaver of BeeWeaver Apiaries (one of the premier U.S. package bee suppliers), the best international shipper of package bees is AQBE (Australian Queen Bee Exporters Pty. Ltd.).

Here's their email: aqbe@bigpond.com.

AQBE sells both Italian and Carnolian bees, but unfortunately, they apparently sell packages only in very large quantities.

If you don't want a large number of packages yourself, perhaps you could band with other beekeepers in placing a large order.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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