Where to buy beeswax

by Barbara Willard

On the doctor show they said beeswax is good to use on darkened elbows. Where do I buy this kind of wax? Thank you for any info.


Hi Barbara,

That's interesting. That's one use for beeswax that I wasn't aware of, though I know that it's used for many cosmetic purposes.

There are a number of online sources for buying beeswax. But if you're going to use the beeswax for cosmetic purposes, you'll want to be a little selective about what you buy, and where you buy.

That's because it is possible, unfortunately, for beeswax to be contaminated with trace residues of pesticides. And obviously, that's not a good thing if you're going to be applying the beeswax to your skin.

Amazon.com also sells pharmaceutical grade beeswax.

If you're interested, you can read more on my pages about beeswax and buying beeswax.

Hope this helps!

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Sep 09, 2011
Source for Beeswax
by: Royal Draper

You do indeed need to be careful where you get your beeswax. The majority of beeswax sold on the open market is produced outside of the United States and unfortunately some of it has been adulterated and yet you still pay a premium price for it. Beeswax that is overly processed will not work for what you want to use it for. We sell all U.S.A. produced beeswax that is collected from fresh cappings during the extracting process and beeswax collected from fresh cappings has very little chance of having chemicals or pesticides in it. We simply double strain the beeswax and we offer it by the pound for only $5.50. Visit our website ? www.draperbee.com - or give us a call with any questions ? 800-233-4273.

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