Where to find bee pollen

I would like find a local supplier of bee pollen. My wife has allergies and would like to try the bee pollen




If you have a farmer's market in your area, check to see if there are any beekeepers selling there. Most farmer's markets will have a beekeeper or two selling honey, beeswax, and sometimes pollen. And if you haven't already, check to see if any beekeepers advertise their products in the classified ads of your local paper.

You can also contact your local beekeeper's club to see if any members in your area sell bee pollen. To find a club in your area (if there is one), go to Google and type in ‘yourstate beekeeper association.’ So if you live in Texas, for example, you'd do a search for 'Texas beekeeper association.'

Sometimes clubs will list members that sell bee products online. Or you can contact the club directly to find out if there's anyone in your area that sells pollen.

Good luck!

(And by the way, eating local honey might also help with your wife's allergies.)

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