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Need to Get Rid of Bees? Use Our Bee Removal Directory to Find Professional Help for a Serious Problem

Need a bee removal service?

Use our bee removal directory to find professionals near you who specialize in bee nest removal. Use a professional to get rid of bees when they end up where they don’t belong.

It’s safer for you, and it’s better for the bees, too.

Honey bees are wonderful critters, but they don’t belong in your house! When bees go where they don’t belong, having a professional handle the bee swarm removal is your best bet.

Having a colony of bees removed from a wall of your house, or from the attic, or wherever they shouldn’t be is best done by a professional.

Especially if you live in an area where the bees could be Africanized!

Whatever You Do, DON’T Just Kill the Bees!

If a bee colony has taken up residence within the walls of a structure such as your house or garage, DO NOT just spray poison to get rid of the bees. That’s a really bad approach to handling your bee problem for at least 3 reasons:

The bees won’t like that very much. In fact, they’ll take great offense! It will put them in defensive mode, and they’re very likely to come out stinging – possibly in very large numbers. There have been many cases of non-professionals being stung very badly when spraying a nest of bees.

If bees have to be exterminated, it should be done by someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Even if you kill off all the bees, your problem probably won’t be over. Unless the bees had very recently moved in, there’s likely to be a fair amount of comb in the wall containing brood and honey.

If the bees are killed and the brood and honey remain, they’ll eventually begin to decay, generating unpleasant odors and attracting insects and vermin. Not good!

There have been many accounts of the bees in a structure being killed off, leaving the comb behind. And then later, fermenting honey began oozing through a wall, or even dripping from a ceiling. Yuck!

Bees are in trouble worldwide. We need to save each colony that we can, not kill them off.

The good news is that most bee removal services offer live bee removal. That’s the best option for all concerned.

Now, that won’t always be possible – particularly if the bees are Africanized. But in many cases the bees can be moved out of your house and into their own house, with no harm to the colony.

That would be a happy ending to a bad situation, wouldn’t you agree?

Use Our Bee Removal Directory to Find Help When You Need It

Just click on your state in the list below and find the closest bee removal service, or use the search box. Read about the business in our listing, and if you like what you read, use the contact info to get in touch.

If there are no listings yet for your state (the state isn’t clickable), please check back later. We’ll be adding new entries as bee removal services submit their information.

By the way, honey bees aren’t the only stinging critters that can throw your household into a turmoil. Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets – there’s quite a long list of insects that can transform your happy abode into a war zone.

Many of the services listed in our bee removal directory can help you with any of those problems.

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