An Athletes Foot Treatment Using Honey. Better Sticky Than Itchy!

Believe it or not, an athletes foot treatment using honey can be very effective.

That's because honey is like Superman's Kryptonite to the pesky little creatures that cause athletes foot.

Do You Know What Causes Athletes Foot?

It’s a tiny little parasitic fungus called a dermatophyte that feasts on the dead tissue of toenails, skin, and hair.

In case you care, there are at least 4 species of dermatophytes that cause athletes foot (also called Tineas Pedis), the most common of which is Trichopyton Rubrum.

These fearsome fungi thrive in warm, moist environments such as swimming pools, locker rooms, and public showers.

And though it’s called athletes foot, anyone that happens to be exposed to the parasitic fungi is susceptible to it. It’s also not limited to just the feet; it’s possible to have a dermatophyte infection on the hands.

How Honey can Help as an Athletes Foot Remedy

Honey can be effective as a natural cure for athletes foot because of its natural fungicidal properties.

And since advanced cases of athletes foot can often become infected with bacteria, honey can be doubly effective as a natural remedy for athletes foot because of it’s wonderful antibiotic properties.

To try it, simply rub raw honey on the infected area before bedtime. Cover your feet with old socks, and leave on overnight. Wash and thoroughly dry your feet in the morning.

Using honey as a natural remedy for athletes foot just might be a wonderful alternative to over-the-counter medications.

And your feet will sure smell sweet - a fringe benefit!

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