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Beekeeping Starter Kits

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The beekeeping starter kits shown below can be a quick and convenient way to get everything you need to start beekeeping – everything, that is, except for the bees.

Be aware that buying everything you need in one single purchase might not save you money.

You might even spend a bit more than if you shopped individually for each item – buying one thing here, and another thing there.

But you can sure save some time and trouble this way!

One other thing that you should know: If you do buy your beehive components separately, instead of in a kit, I’d advise that you buy all your beehive components from one retailer.

There often are slight variations of dimensions among manufacturers of beekeeping equipment.

So if you buy a hive body from one supplier, for example, and the frames from another, the fit between the components might not be the greatest.

Some of the kits in the links below require assembly. If you’re comfortable building a bee hive yourself, you can save a fair amount of money over buying a pre-built hive.

Even if you’re not terribly handy with tools, it’s really easy. And you can find an illustrated, step-by-step guide on my ‘build a bee hive’ page.

But if you prefer not to bother, pre-built and painted bee hive starter kits are available. And one thing’s for sure: That’s about as convenient as it gets!


I am so excited to be able to share everything I have learned about bees and beekeeping from 3 generations of beekeepers. We can't have a healthy planet without healthy bees so let's work together and make the world a better place!

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