Manuka Honey For Eczema: Safe and Effective Natural Remedy

Itching to find a natural remedy for eczema? Manuka honey might be just the thing.

Eczema is a VERY Unpleasant Condition

As those who suffer from eczema know all too well. Eczema (also called dermatitis) is a chronic inflammation of the skin caused by the body’s own immune system. Red, itching, inflamed patches of skin characterize eczema.

The itching caused by eczema can become almost unbearable, leading to excessive scratching that results in broken skin, bleeding sores, and infection.

Though persons of any age are susceptible to eczema, it’s more prevalent in children.

No Cure, But There is a Natural Treatment for Eczema

manuka honey skin treatmentIs there a natural eczema cure? At this time, unfortunately there isn’t. And not only are there no natural cures for eczema, there are no medications or treatments of any kind that will completely cure eczema.

But there is an effective eczema natural remedy that will help to relieve and minimize the painful and annoying symptoms.

Manuka honey, and topical creams or lotions containing Manuka honey, have been found to be quite effective at providing relief to those who suffer from eczema.

Manuka honey’s antibiotic properties helps to kill bacteria that have created sores and inflammation. The honey also provides a natural moisturizing effect that can help to promote healing.

And one great advantage of using a natural remedy for eczema is that there are no known side effects. Unlike the steroids and cortisone creams often used for eczema, Manuka honey can be used indefinitely.

If it works, keep using it!

Using Manuka Honey as a Natural Treatment for Eczema

Manuka honey can be applied directly to the affected area.

But if you want to avoid adding stickiness to the itchiness, you might want to purchase a cream or lotion that contains Manuka honey.