Enough With the Climate Change and Honey Bee Nonsense!

OK, fair warning: this page is going to get a little bit political. If you don’t like that, this is a good time to bail. There are plenty of other interesting pages on this site.

Still here? OK, here’s my rant…

I was minding my own business today (and perfectly calm – really!) while reading a rather interesting article.

Africanized Honey Bees For Long Term Survival?

The primary thesis of the article was that the genes of Africanized honey bees may hold a key to the long-term survival of honey bees.

Africanized honey beeAn interesting concept that I’ve heard postulated before. And there may be some validity to that notion.

The idea is that infusing the genes of the very vigorous Africanized bee with that of the more docile European bee may yield sort of a superbee – a bee that’s better equipped to deal with the host of problems that plague honey bees these days.

It might be true. And in much of the world, it’s not really a matter of choice. Africanized bees already dominate in many warm weather climates.

I have to say, though, that if the day ever comes when I can’t stand beside the entrance to a hive and watch the bees coming and going without dressing in armor – that will be a sad day.

But back to the article…

Just a few paragraphs in, I read the sentence that popped my cork. An expert was quoted as saying that the crisis honey bees are facing is caused by “…a combination of pesticides, overwork by beekeepers, parasites and climate change.”


Had to get that climate change nonsense worked in, didn’t they?

All of the World’s Ills Aren’t Caused by Climate Change!

As you most likely have guessed, I’m rather right-leaning, at least on many issues. One of those issues is climate change.

And I’m not going to get into a big thing about the validity of human-caused climate change, and whether we need to abandon modern technology so that the earth can get back to its natural temperature.

I’m just sick (and tired, too!)  of being told that climate change is at the root of virtually every problem known to man.

Climate Change Isn’t Killing the Bees…

Honey bees have been around for a very long time. Thousands upon thousands of years. And during that ENTIRE TIME, the climate has been CONSTANTLY changing.


How about if we focus on REAL issues – some of them very possibly man-made – in trying to understand and address the problems bees are facing? Let’s do that instead of trying to force attention to a political agenda that has no real relevance to the problem?


OK, rant mode off. And blood pressure back to normal – mostly.