Getting Rid of a Hangover with Honey

Getting rid of a hangover isn’t easy. And there are many home remedies for hangovers.

But using honey as a natural hangover remedy is one method of treating hangovers that can actually be effective.

And that’s from no less an authority than the National Headache Foundation (NHF)!

Fructose is the Key…

According to the NHF, the fructose in honey helps the body metabolize alcohol faster.

And honey is rich in vitamin B6, which may also help in reducing your hangover symptoms.

So eating honey on some crackers or toast may really help with that hangover.

Another tip from the NHF is to consume 2 tablespoons of honey before consuming alcohol. This will give you a head start in minimizing the effect of the hangover before it even gets started.

One More Tip…

One last tip about honey and alcohol: If your honey tells you that you’re overdoing it, pay attention.

Listening to your honey tonight may prevent you from needing some honey in the morning!

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