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Manuka Honey For Nail Fungus: Natural Home Remedy

Manuka Honey For Nail Fungus

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Looking for home remedies for nail fungus? Have you heard of using honey as a natural nail fungus cure?

Though it may sound strange, it’s worked well for many people. Might be worth a try!

Fungus Among Us!

Nail fungus, of course, occurs when the parasitic fungal spores take root in the area of a fingernail or toenail.

Usually the fungus takes root under the nail bed. And once it’s there, it’s tough to get rid of.

Since fungi thrive in dark, moist areas, toenails are far more likely than fingernails to fall victim to a fungus invasion.

A fungal infection results in a thickening of the nail, and discoloring of the nail — usually yellow or brown. The nail becomes brittle and prone to breakage, and may eventually fall off entirely.

Since nail fungus is infectious, it’s important to treat it as soon as it’s detected.

No Nail Fungus Treatment is 100% Effective

Whether we’re considering home remedies for nail fungus or over-the-counter medications, apparently there’s no single treatment that is 100% effective, 100% of the times that it’s tried, on 100% of the people who try it.

Even prescription medications may not be 100% effective – and may also cause some pretty nasty side effects such as liver damage.

Perhaps that’s why there is so much interest in home remedies for toenail fungus and fingernail fungus.

And that’s also why it’s worth at least considering any natural cure for nail fungus.

One natural toenail fungus treatment and fingernail fungus treatment involves the use of Manuka honey.

How Could Honey Possibly Cure Nail Fungus?

Just as Manuka honey is a strong antibiotic agent, it’s also a powerful antifungal agent.

And the natural healing properties of Manuka honey help to heal the damaged tissue in and around the nail bed.

manuka blossoms with honeyBut using Manuka honey as a fingernail or toenail fungus cure has additional advantages.

One of the reasons that nail fungus is so difficult to treat is that the nail itself tends to act as a barrier, preventing the treatment from getting to the nail bed where it is most needed.

But since honey has the ability to soak into, around, and even under the nail, it may get at the root of the problem more effectively than other treatments.

A HUGE Advantage of Using Honey as a Nail Fungus Treatment…

One of the greatest advantages of using honey as a natural cure for toenail fungus and fingernail fungus?

There are no side effects!

Other than your fungus infection, you have nothing to loose by giving it a try — unless, of course, you consider sticky digits to be a side effect!

But purchasing antifungal solutions made with Manuka honey can eliminate even that side effect.


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